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SPS/D-BR1254 Series which has gathered the latest technology!
Leading the automatic sewing system  with a step further advanced look
For cheerful working environment, It reduce the noise and vibration.
It realizes the maximized sewing speed of 2.200SPM, and thoroughly studies and analyzes all the sewing-related operation mechanisms regarding X-Y feed, thread trimming, wiper, and pressing plate to bring the best productivity to the work site.
This series provides 32 types of basic patterns with diverse sizes and stitch lengths according to diverse purposes, and shows the prompt and powerful function in any sewing project.
(Basic 32 patterns + additional 67 pattern = provide maximum 99 patterns)
The Sunstar Direct Drive AC Servo Motor which transter power directly on the upper shift minimize energy loss by optimum design.
Larger Hook enables a significant working performance for heavy material
Realization of stable sewing by holding sewing material strongly to the machine.
Wiper provides less friction with working material.
In order to work perfect thread trimming about thick thread, The Heat Cutter is Applied.
I By using the Silicon Oil Tank, it can prevention thread cutting during sewing.
It is made the more comportable condition by adapting the Needle cooler to prohibit the thread cutting because of getting the heat of needle under sewing by high speed.
In the simply designed operation box, various functions, including pattern change, speed change, zoom-in/-out, and bobbin counter setup, are displayed in the icon forms, so that all the functions can be used by touching the icon once.
Up to 26 patterns can be registered in the memory. There are two function keys, which can combine up to 30 registered patterns. this function enables fast operation.
The CF card enables a large number of patterns to be stored. [Option]
the working space under the table has been expanded.
The power on/off LED enables fast checking of the causes of troubles and A/S sevices.
As a seamless rack type, fewer breakdowns occur, and maintenance becames eaiser.
t install actuator connecter on the control box. So, complex cable connection is became simplified.
The sewing stability is brought by adopting the sewing mechanism to extend the sewing range in order to perform the fine stitch under the diverse work environments, and mounting the high-reliable shuttle hook.
The SunStar's control technology-intensive X-Y feed control system is controlled in a smooth and accurate way to show the best performance in the difficult oblique line and curved sewing project.
This series realizes the optimal work range of 50mm(X) × 40mm(Y) for the shaped needle, labeling task, part task, and supplementary needle.
Since the remaining amount of upper thread needed for the first stitching after thread trimming is consistently maintained regardless of the thread type, the first stitching has its own stability to reduce defective rate and increase the productivity.
Since the presser foot can be basically raised up to a maximum height of 20MM, it shows the excellent performance in the pattern task or bar-tacking task regardless of the fabric type.
The right and left presser feet are designed to separately operate to bring the convenience of location control when the fabric is fed. And the simple process of parameter selection makes it possible to easily change the operation sequence of both feed plates and freely change into the integrated driving mode. It maximizes the user's applicability.
Through the application of directly attached motor driven method, excellent responsibility and comfortable working environment is provided.
SunStar newly developed the direct driven-motor, which is directly attached to the sewing machine. It is optimized into the high quality sewing process by the use of the coupling method to link AC Sub Motor to the upper level to enhance the responsibility and accuracy of stopping location of the sewing machine.
Since the directly driven motor doesn't use V-belt, the noise and vibration is significantly decreased to provide the pleasant working environment and the fatigue of a site-worker was decreased to help enhance productivity.
In addition to that, as there is no weight-load found when the V-belt is operated, the durability of the machine is considerably increased, and the amount of electricity power consumption was decreased since the rotation loss disappears resulting from the V-belt usage. Since the motor is directly attached to the body of sewing machine, it brings easier access to the installation process by removing the need for attaching and adjusting the sewing machine motor and V-belt. And sewing machine motor and V-belt are not exposed to the worker to prevent the safety accidents in the work-sites.
We applied balanced and very compettitive motor. (Patent) or We applied balanced and more compettitive motor than other brand motors. (Patent)
We achieved low noise and vibration by 3D CAD & CAE optimized design. And we improved our productivity from advanced stop accuracy and rapid and smooth response.

Sewing Speed 2,500 spm
Sewing Area (X, Y) 50 mm X 40 mm
Stitch Length 0.1 ~ 10 mm
Work Clamp Lift 20 mm
Needle Bar Stroke 41.2 mm
Needle DP17 x #21, DP17 x #23 DP17 x #25, DP17 x #26
Take up Lever Stroke 72 mm
Hook Triple Capacity Rotary Hook
No. of Stitches Max, 10,000 Stitches
No. of Patterns 56 Patterns
Memory EP-ROM
Enlarging/Reducing 20 ~ 200 %
Motor/Drive Type AC Servo Motor 500W
Height of Presser Foot Air Cylinder Type
Wiper Air Cylinder Type
Presser Foot
Second Thread Tension X
Heat Cutter X
Power Free Voltage(110V/220V)

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