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SunStar's SPS/A(B)-B1202 series to lead the new millennium's automatic sewing system with the best reliability.
It realizes the maximized sewing speed of 2.500SPM and the easy adjustment and change of clamp according to the button type; it shows the excellent sewing results in the large scaled sewing production and multi-type/small-scaled sewing production. And the use of space pin enables the interval adjustment between a button and fabric, and the backtacking sewing technique prevents thread from being loosened after finishing the task to provide high quality.
Comparing to the mechanic button-stitching model that required the cam exchange when changing the pattern, 33 electronic controlled patterns are basically provided and it is possible to zoom-in and zoom-out through the simple operation. So it can easily correspond to the various sewing environments.
Removing the breaking device and feed cam suddenly stopped like the traditional machine style minimizes the mechanical noise and brings easy and simple maintenance.
For the operation box that is easily movable and installable according to the work environment, various function such as pattern change, speed adjustment, buttonhole internal zoom-in, zoom-out, and bobbin counter setting can be set by the easy one-touch mode.
And the frequently used patterns are saved through three function keys to enable the registry and one-touch calling functions and realize the prompt task and cycle task with the combination of various patterns.
Button spacer
Buttoning at regular intervals is conveniently performed.

Model SPS/A(B)-1202-01 SPS/A(B)-1202-02 SPS/A(B)-1202-03
Usage Small button Large button Small and large buttons
Wiper specs Equipment type wiper Equipment type wiper Solenoid type wiper
Button size ¢8 ~ ¢20 ¢8 ~ ¢32 ¢8 ~ ¢32
Sewing speed Maximun 2,500 spm ( standard : 2,200 spm )
Sewing range 6.5 mm X 6.5 mm
Niddle used DP x 17 # 14
Hook used Shuttle hook ( standared )
Button clamp rising Maximum 13 mm
Number of inputable patterns, Maximun 99 pattern ( basic : 33 pattern )
Number of inputable stitches Maximun 10,000 stitches
Reduced/enlarged range 20% ~ 200%
Memory EP-ROM
Motor used 550W AC Servo motor
Used voltage Single phase 100 ~ 240V
Three phase 200 ~ 440V , 50/60Hz
■ SPS/A(B)-1202-03

Solenoid style wiper attached type

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