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SunStar's KM-2070-7 series to lead the 21st century's automatic sewing system based upon the best reliability.
It is designed to select the zigzag pattern by pressing the button to enable various sewing patterns to be promptly processed. And SunStar's control technology-intensive and optimal zigzag feed system supports the 10mm (second and third step) of zigzag width, which is the best width available among same level products. And the main pivotal driven system with AC Servo Motor is adopted to realize the low-noise system and enable the prompt and quiet operation.
The16 patterns including straight line, standard, second step, third step scallop, blind stitch, and blind L-type stitch are basically provided, and it is possible to input up to a maximum of 99 patterns with the self-pattern input function. Thus, any sewing project can be promptly performed and L-type blind stitch is basically provided. (Patent pending)
Many parts such as zigzag cam, and screw gear used for the existing mechanic zigzag sewing machine were deleted, so that there is no more need for the maintenance and repair; and the number of parts were considerably reduced to realize the durability increase and light weight.

The timing between needle and rotary hook, and the shape of thread take-up were optimized. And the upper thread-passing route is improved to provide more stable thread tension.

It is designed to adopt new condense dial which makes the condense stitch length setting more convenient and helps increase the productivity.

The fine raising control mechanism for the presser foot effectively prevents the sewing fabric from slipping and damaging to realize the fine sewing quality.

There is the upper thread providing device installed in order to efficiently control the length of leftover thread after thread trimming process.

The optimal trimming mechanism is adopted to minimize the trimming skipping, and cutting parts are combined into single assembly to result in very simple maintenance and repair.

On the manipulation panel, the various functions are represented with icons. And it is designed to make all functions easily set through the one-touch button. You can create your own customized zigzag pattern by pressing the button on the menu panel without extra input device.
The rotary the rotary hook is devised to form a thread loop at the uniform interval from side to sides by adopting the rotary hook shaft offset mechanism. It not only provides the fine sewing quality but also prevents the thread breakage and stitch-skipping problem.
Unlike the mechanical zigzag sewing machine, the vertical needle movement can prevent the damage of sewing fabrics and deformation of needle.
With the use of titanium-processed DP rotary hook for the internal rotary hook, it is designed to prevent thread and sewing fabrics from being polluted by oil as well as show the excellent durability.

Division KM-2070-L KM-2070-7L KM-2070-M KM-2070-7M
Zigzag 8 mm ( 10 mm : 2step, 3step )
Sewing speed Maxmum 5,000 spm ( taking 4,000 spm )
Stitch width Maxmum 2.5 mm Maxmum 5 mm
Needle used SY 1965 Nm 70/10 or DP x 5 # 10
Hook DP hook ( Inner hook of titanium ) : offset
Presser foot hand 6 mm
knee 10 mm
auto knee 7 mm ( option )
Auto thread trimmer X X
Upper thread supply device X X
Wiper X X
Pattern Basic offer : 8 type 16 pattern
User input pattern : maximum 99 pattern, pattern by 256 needle
Pattern inputable Operation pannel
motor 550W A/C Servo motor
Electricity Single phase : 100V ~ 240V, Three phase : 200V ~ 415V, 50/60Hz

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