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SunStar industrial sewing machine is designed for the fast and smooth sewing process and convenient manipulation, and it is elaborately devised in order to reduce the defective rate.
Uniform and elegant sewing
The reliable feed mechanism for the smooth feed teeth movements
The smooth and light knee lifting device
All-auto lubrication method

Division KM-123A KM-123B
Usage ultra heavy heavy
Sewing speed Maximum 5,500 spm Maximum 4,500 spm
Stitch width Maximum 5 mm Maximum 7 mm
Needle used DB x 1 ( DA x 1 ) #9 ~ #18 DB x 1 #20 ~ #23
Stroke 62.3 mm 70.8 mm
Needle plate stroke 30.8 mm 33.4 mm
Presser foot increase hand 8 mm / knee maximum 12 mm hand 8 mm / knee maximum 12 mm

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