JUKI MB-1800A / BR10 Button Sewer Industrial Sewing Machine with Robot Print

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JUKI MB-1800A / BR10 Button Sewing Machine with Robot

Are your buttons coming off?  Then sew them on with this JUKI MB-1800A BR10 machine with JUKI knot tying technology.

This machine is in LIKE-NEW condition available at a great price. Complete with table stand, ready for production.

The machine is able to independently sew various stitching shapes such as U-shaped stitching, X-shaped stitching and Z-shaped stitching. The machine has 55 different stitching patterns as standard. In addition to the sewing shapes, the buttonhole intervals and number of stitches can also be changed on the operation panel.


Click here to see a short video of this machine in action!  Please note - our machine has a robot which autmatically feeds the buttons for super high speed production.



Click here to access the complete spec sheet in PDF format.


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