DURKOPP ADLER 806 Automatic Pocket Setter for Knits Print



DURKOPP ADLER 806 - Automatic Knit Pocket Setter
Durkopp Adler 806 Pocket Setter
The sewing unit 806-111100 offers maximum flexibility and productivity when attaching jeans pockets. Creasing, sewing and stacking of the previously loaded workpiece is done automatically with the help of the latest computer and motor technology. Thus, you achieve a constantly high quality of the sewing result. Several work-pieces , as e.g. pocket and flap, can be attached at the same time. The especially easy user¹s guidance is realized via a graphical operating panel and internationally comprehensible symbols. The software package DACAPO is optionally available. On the basis of a CAD programme it allows easy making and adaptation of pocket programmes Performance: ca. 2200 Taschen (2-Needle-Stitching)
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