Eastman Brute Variable Speed Print

Model: Eastman 627VS

Get everything the standard Brute® 627 offers plus the increased versatility and cutting speed you would expect from a variable speed motor. It is the only cloth cutting machine on the market that runs at 4,000 RPM's.


Heavy-duty Performance

  • Cutting extra heavy cloth or an increased number of ply


  • Cutting of intricate patterns and tight turns due to the low-profile baseplate and narrow silhouette standard

Continuous, Smooth Running

  • Perfect fit and continuous running with cross heads, crank and knife slides that are machined to a tolerance within .0005


  • Simple handling of the machine due to its low center of gravity and the best power-to-gravity weight ratio in the industry
  • Low maintenance requiring only daily lubricating with the easy-to-use One Shot single-reservoir oiling system
  • Elimination of heat and exhaust from the operator via the rear air intake
  • Ability to reduce speed to eliminate fusing, provided by the dual speed option Durability Built with the highest grade materials available


110v, 1ph: Available
220v, 1ph: Available
220v, 3ph: Available
380v, 3ph: Not Available

Single Speed
Not Available

Dual Speed
Not Available

Variable Speed

Blade Types
High Speed Steel: Standard
Carbon Steel: Optional
Teflon Coated: Optional
Wave Edge: Optional
Wave Groove: Optional
Round Tip: Optional
Angled Tip: Optional

Belt Types
Fine: Available
Medium: Available
Coarse: Available
Rough: Available

41 lbs. (18.5kg.)

2hp, 1ph at 4,000 rpm's; 2hp, 3ph at 4,000 rpm’s

Blade Size
(inches): 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11.5", 13"
(cm): 12.7, 15.2, 17.7, 20.3, 22.8, 25.4, 29.2, 33.0

Cutting Capacity
(inches): 3.5", 4.5", 5.5", 6.5", 7.5", 8.5", 10", 11.5"
(cm): 8.89, 11.4, 13.9, 16.5, 19.1, 21.5, 25.4, 29.2

Stroke Size
(inches): 1.125", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75"
(cm): 2.86, 3.18, 3.81, 4.45

Denim Brute Option
Not Available

Micro Fog Option

Plastic Master Option

Regular Ergo Handle Option

Cushion Ergo Handle Option

Autostop Option
Not Available