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275-742642 Runstitching and trimming seams with programmed fullness PDF Print E-mail

Flat bed sewing machine1-needleBottom feed and variable top feedHorizontal hook, smallUnderbed thread trimmerEdge trimmer, motor drivenSewing foot lift, automaticSeam backtacking, automaticFullness control with programmable sequence control, actuated by handLockstitch

The comfortable fullness control and the separately driven edge trimmer are the speciality of this machine. Just tell the 275-742642 which fullness you want to sew in which sequence. You can digitally adjust up to 8 different fullness values and call them up simply vial knee lever. Different materials are memorised in separate programmes. When changing e.g. from Super 100 to fleecy woollen material no mechanical conversion is necessary - just start the programme at the touch of a button. The different foot top feed guarantees excellent sewing results not only in case of seams with constant or partial fullness but also in case of smooth seams.



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