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1222-5 Serging of jeans trousers and skirts PDF Print E-mail

Looper, sross-lineFullness, belowFlip stackerReflecting light barrier for autom. sewing start at fabric beginningLockstitchSafety seam, stitch type 401 + 503 (= stitch type 515)Program control; operating panel with graphical displayDifferential bottom feedOverlock chainstitch, two threads, stitch type 503

The sewing unit 1222-5 offer excellent solutions for the rational serging of long jeans skirt and trousers parts. Serging of the seat curve, the vent curve and the trousers hem can be integrated. The sewing unit has a seam width of 9,6mm. The versatility of this unit makes it the ideal choice for flexible production cycles. The stacking process of the 1222-5 is automated which allows an overlapped working method. The control enables the free programming of different seam sequences. Thus, it is possible to serge a complete pair of trousers without having to readjust the unit. Performance: approx. 600 pairs of front and hind trousers in 480 min approx. 580 pairs of front and hind trousers with fly in 480 min.



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