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The AMF Reece’s latest and most versatile lockstitch pocket welting machine ideal for all segments off the apparel industry

  • Programmable Control with the PLC graphic touch screen
  • Stationary Tab knives
  • Automatic Flap sewing
  • Cycle sewing
  • Quick change kit
  • Single and Double Welt Folders
  • High Speed Sewing
  • Top Thread Monitor
  • Active Marking Lights
  • Swing-Out Folding Station
  • Bite size conversion
  • Tilt-back Sewing Head
  • Split Needle Bar Sewing Head and Multiple Tab Knife system

Main Features

Programmable Control with the PLC graphic touch screen

Programmable Control with PLC system and 5,7” graphic touch screen, the operator is provided with a user friendly working environment and with “icons” for every operation required to sew the perfect pocket welt. It is possible to program 10 different pocket styles with individual sewing functions and parameters assigned.

Cycle Sewing
Cycle Sewing
Pocket Welt Adjustment
Pocket Welt Adjustment
Sewing Functions
Sewing Functions

Stationary Tab knives

The stationary tab knives combined with the AC Servo motor controlled carriage movement ensures the high quality corner cutting on all kinds of fabrics.

Automatic Flap sewing

The automatic flap sewing, on left or right welts is possible with the help of a photocell system fitted as standard equipment on the machine.

Cycle sewing

Due to the cycle sewing different types of welts can be sewn in alternating combinations. From the control panel for cycle sewing the operator is allowed to select up to 5 pocket styles.

Quick Change Kit

This kit, which is a standard accessory, allows the operator to sew either single or double welts by simple change of the patch guide.

Single and Double Welt Folders

Both single and double welt folders are supplied as standard accessories with the LW-6000 machine.

High Speed Sewing

The machine has an EFKA sewing motor and control system ensuring high speed operation up to 3,500 spm which can be adjusted from the touch screen control panel. Production of up to 2,800 pocket welts per day can be achieved.

Top Thread Monitor

Top thread monitor is fitted as standard and stops the machine when a thread break occurs.

Active Marking Lights

These lights ensure easy placement of the fabric panel and patch pieces. Therefore, the manual marking is no longer necessary on both trouser and jacket welting operations.

Swing-Out Folding Station

Can be opened for easy access in case of re-threading and bobbin changes.

Bite size conversion

Although it is necessary to specify the bite size of the machine at the time of initial order, it is possible to change it afterwards. The machine can be converted from one bite size i.e 12 mm to another i.e. 14mm with use of bite size conversion kits. It is possible to make bite sizes in between 8 mm and 28 mm on the LW-6000 machine.

Tilt-back Sewing Head

Allows easy maintenance.

Split Needle Bar Sewing Head and Multiple Tab Knife system

It is possible to make angle (slant) welts with AP version of the LW-6000 pocketwelting machine. The machine incorporates a split needle sewing head which has two independently driven needle bars that can start and finish sewing, with an offset of up to 10 mm. The machine is also equipped with 3 sets of tab knives allowing the operator to automatically alternate between left and right side pockets or sew all the welts both inside and outside of a garment in sequence.


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